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There are plenty of reasons why carpet is an amazing option for your home. Carpet provides a warmth and soothing vibe to a home. When searching for new flooring, carpet will always be a top option. It has a diverse selection of colors, styles, textures – giving you thousands of possibilities for a range of budgets. Carpet can give your living room that ‘pop’ it’s been missing or that relaxing feel you need for your bedroom.
Mainland Flooring has a host of carpet options to see – both in our Northfield, NJ showroom and online in our product catalog. Not sure what the differences are? Need finding the right carpet for your home or business? Do you have children or pets? Do you have a strict budget? Lucky for you, we are here to help you along the way and keep you informed.
Not every carpet fiber is made the same – some are more resilient than others, while some are tougher against stains and spills. Maintaining your carpet is fairly easy – clean up spills quickly and vacuum often, so dirt and pollen doesn’t get ground into the carpet causing damage. Many flooring manufacturers offer environmentally friendly carpeting, so if this is something you are interested in, ask us to see a sample. Depending on your personal preference, each carpet has a different look and feel.
Saxony: This carpet gives you a uniform color and look as the yarn is cut level.

Texture: For a more casual look, this style offers a smooth look with a bit of bounce.

Shag: Shag carpet fibers aren’t cut as short, which creates a casual, soft and comfortable feeling carpet.

Berber: Berber carpet is great for high-traffic areas in your home because of its firm surface.

Frieze: Frieze has a bit of twist and the piles are longer than textured carpets, but not quite as long as shag. It is a perfect middle ground.
For a great selection of carpet, residents in Marge, Linwood, Longport, Ocean City and Northfield, NJ all come to Mainland Flooring. There is no reason to go anywhere else. From start to finish, we’ll get the job done.

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