Luxury Vinyl

luxurious flooring see to believe!
Luxury vinyl is not your typical vinyl. The first thing most people think of when they think of vinyl is cheap, quick to deteriorate, and unaesthetic material. Fortunately luxury vinyl has none of these attributes. In fact, luxury vinyl tile and planks look elegant, chic and are incredibly durable and long lasting. Mainland Flooring is your one stop shop for luxury vinyl, with a beautiful showroom and huge selection of both luxury vinyl tile and plank.

At Mainland Flooring we understand that looking to replace your existing floor can be a daunting proposition. At Mainland Flooring there are not any presumptuous salespeople looking to overcharge you for a commission. The owner will use his extensive experience to guide you through your luxury tile buying experience. Our business thrives on referrals and we have earning the trust and improving the floors of the Linwood, Margate, Longport, Northfield, Ocean City areas since 2001. The sterling reputation Mainland Flooring has earned over the years is from dedication, hard work, and reasonable prices.
Luxury Vinyl would fool even the most discerning eyes. All anyone will notice when they see your floor is that it looks spectacular. Its not just how it looks, there has been a tremendous amount of innovation in the manufacturing of luxury vinyl. Now luxury vinyl has the same texture and feel as a great tile or wood product.

In many ways luxury vinyl is the best of both worlds, you get the great authentic look of hardwood or tile with the durability and affordability only luxury vinyl can deliver. At Mainland Flooring we have an abundant supply of colors, styles, and designs. We guarantee you will not leave the store, until you have the exact kind of luxury vinyl you want.

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