At Mainland Flooring, we just can't stop raving about ultra-modern, super sophisticated luxury vinyl flooring. A modern, technologically advanced masterpiece, it's a hard surfacing you may want to consider for your upcoming renovation because of its fantastic features and qualities. If you've never thought about installing it – perhaps even turned up your nose at this fairly new type of flooring – then we implore you to think again. Ideal for a great many spaces, like bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and entryways, we’re going to take this opportunity to highlight 6 amazing characteristics that may just transform you into a luxury vinyl flooring lover!

1 – High durability

Thanks to its thick, hard-wearing surface protection, luxury vinyl floors can handle high amounts of foot traffic and activity. While the protective topcoat can deal with a lot of wear and tear, it’s also the key to vinyl’s stain-resistant qualities.

2 – Budget-conscious

At Mainland Flooring, we’re well aware that budgets are seldom bottomless. Though some other surfacing alternatives might look positively stunning, the fact is their exotic origins often make them completely out of most people's budgets. Enter luxury vinyl and its vast assortment of amazing lookalike styles, the great majority of which look just like the real deal! Get durable yet stylish flooring without emptying your wallet!

3 – Chameleonlike styles

As it is manufactured in a wide array of lookalike styles, luxury vinyl flooring offers you a way to get the floors you’ve been wanting but for a fraction of the cost. From stone to hardwood, porcelain to ceramic, there are lots of options to choose from.

4 – Simple upkeep

Upkeep is incredibly straightforward with a vinyl surfacing. It only needs to be swept occasionally, damp mopped every so often, and really, that's pretty much all you'll need to do!

5 – Cushioned surfacing

Possibly, what’s the most surprising feature of luxury vinyl floors is the slightly soft, cushion-like surfacing. To the touch, it's certainly not as flexible as carpeting fibers, but it still offers some shock absorption capabilities.

6 – Water-resistant

Need to redo a room that experiences water splashes, humidity or moisture? Then, consider the benefits of opting for luxury vinyl, since it has very high-water resistance, which makes it ideal for bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchens, and mudrooms, for instance.

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