Luxury vinyl flooring installation is one of the quickest and easiest installation processes in the flooring industry. Because of this, many homeowners try to install the flooring themselves. However, after spending so much time researching, shopping, and comparing, you deserve to let the professionals handle this final concept for you.

Professional installation guarantees a perfect installation, covered by warranty, to offer you complete peace of mind for many years. Each installation type has its pros and cons, which you can discuss with one of our associates. We'll tell you a bit about them here.

Installation types for luxury vinyl flooring
Self-adhesive luxury vinyl has a bottom layer that’s made up of an adhesive. It’s sensitive to pressure so your installers can pull off the backing film, press them down, and fix them in place. These tiles have an advantage in that you can remove them easily in the case of damage.

Some of these materials can be glued into place with special glue. While you can walk on the previously mentioned flooring right away, these need a few hours of drying time so that the glue hardens. These are very hard to remove.

Some luxury vinyl flooring is known as floating floors, with an interlocking tongue and groove system. Your installers can quickly install these materials, you can walk on them immediately after installation, and they’re easy to remove.

To find out exactly which installation is best for your own home, be sure to speak with one of our associates. Much will depend on your sub-flooring, but other factors may need consideration as well.

Our associates are ready to help you find the perfect luxury vinyl flooring
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