Here’s a solution that will keep your wallet happy: A luxury vinyl plank installation in your NJ home.

Before you start to look up to see where you can get luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) In NJ...
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There are two versions of LVF: Plank and tile (LVT). Rather than vinyl sheet, the material is cut and includes a photographic layer that mimics wood or stone. LVT just means that it’s cut into tile sizes to look like, well, tile.

Luxury vinyl flooring--and listen up, NJ homeowners--has one huge advantage over real wood; since it’s 100 percent waterproof, there’s no warping or rotting. Most planks also include a water barrier layer, so if you want that extra protection, be sure to mention it to your flooring retailer.

Unlike hard stone, this flooring is also cushiony; in fact, some people have compared it to a sponge. If you have kids or elderly residents, there are no worries about hard falls.

Speaking of kids: This flooring is so durable that it can stand up to pull-toys and toys with hard edges, crayons, markers, lipstick, etc. will come off with just a wipe.

More Reasons to Have Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Your NJ Home

With this flooring you get:

Style: There’s an incredible array of wood species look-alikes, such as oak, hickory, walnut and maple; or stone looks, such as marble, travertine or slate. Texture overlays add even more realism.

Moderate pricing: You can update your home without spending an arm and a leg, but beware of those ultra-cheap products, because quality will suffer. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Great cleanability: No waxes or shine-promoting cleaners needed. Just a broom, soft mop and a manufacturer-approved soap will suffice.

Installation that’s a snap- literally. The planks come with a snap-and-lock technology, and it’s probably going to be okay to install it over any original flooring, so no hassles about dealing with subfloors.

Soundproofing. As long as it’s backed by foam and installed properly, LVP is considered to be one of the best insulating flooring types around.

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