If your household has a furry friend or two, chances are, you're in need of waterproof luxury vinyl flooring. New Jersey residents often wonder if there's a particular type of surfacing material for their pet-friendly home. The answer is, yes, it's a luxury vinyl plank installation in NJ! To give you a better idea of its advantages, and why you should consider this fantastic surfacing material, our Mainland Flooring Northfield, NJ showroom pros have come up with this helpful, informative article:

1. It's 100% Waterproof

Waterproof luxury vinyl is 100% water resistant. That means, whenever there's a pet mishap in the home, there's no need to panic. Urine won't seep into the luxury vinyl planks, making it quite possibly the best type of surfacing for homes with cats and dogs. Installing luxury vinyl also means that your pet will be able to roam around your house, and you won't wonder if there's damage to your kitchen, living room or bedroom surfacing material every time you leave your home. 

2. Odor Resistant

Believe it or not, it's possible to have odor resistant luxury vinyl flooring in New Jersey. As most homeowners don't realize this is an option, they stand to lose out on such a fantastic product. Since it's odor resistant, your LVT or LVP won't absorb and lock-in odor-causing liquids, such as urine and vomit. As such, you won't be embarrassed by lingering odors that are nearly impossible to eliminate.

3. Stain Resistant

Stylish luxury vinyl flooring in New Jersey that's also stain resistant? Does such a marvelous thing even exist? Well, pet-owners, it sure does! Now, those yucky puppy puddles and icky kitty hairballs won't stain your luxury vinyl flooring. With so much less time spent cleaning Muffy's mishaps, what wonderful things will you do?

4. Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Now that your surfacing material is easy to maintain and clean, you can throw a pet party! Go on, let them mingle and sniff to their heart's content, and skip on the stress when you serve dinner... on the luxury vinyl. Honestly, the possibilities are endless, so why opt for anything less than the best!