When it comes to solid hardwood floors, there are some things you’ll want to make sure you do and things you’ll want to make sure you don’t do. An error in either of these areas could have dire consequences, so we’d like to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

These floors offer classic elegance, timeless style, and a lifespan that stands unrivaled in the flooring industry. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you take care of all the loose ends before embarking on your new flooring journey.

We’ll make sure your hardwood floors are the best they can be

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Hardwood floors done right

When you’re ready for hardwood floors, you’ll want to make sure everything is just as it should be. For instance, you can never install solid wood floors in below-grade areas such as basements. They aren’t capable of handling the dampness, humidity, and temperature changes that these spaces are often known for.

But wait...you can still have hardwood floors in your basement or below-grade areas if you use an engineered hardwood floor. It is still 100% hardwood flooring, but the core is made up of ply layers that are crisscrossed for dimensional stability and can be used below grade.

It’s also of the utmost importance to make sure your hardwood floors are acclimated prior to installation. The time-frame for this process normally lasts from one to three days, and sometimes longer, depending on the humidity in your home and your geographic location.

You can make sure your flooring is properly acclimated by putting the materials in your home, with the HVAC system set as it is normally run, and the boxes opened. You should stack them in such a way that air can flow freely around the materials to achieve total acclimation.

Most importantly, make sure you use a professional installation service for the installation of your hardwood floors. Our experienced team has all the necessary tools and can assure a proper installation that lasts for many years.