The Press of Atlantic City poses an interesting question: How much are homes selling near you: by Press of Atlantic City staff.

At Mainland Flooring in Northfield, N.J., we have an even more thoughtful question: What makes a buyer willing to spend more for one property than another? While a seller may not want to put any money into a property, that’s a big mistake. All you need to do is watch Bravo TV’s real estate reality shows to see why the top agents--who get top money for their clients--find staging so important.

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) surveyed realtors, and 99 percent of them said hardwood flooring could increase values up to 10 percent. To put that into perspective, a property on the market for $200,000 could actually sell for $220,000.

Using the NWFA data, USA Today ran their own survey and found that 54 percent of home buyers wanted hardwood flooring so much, that they’d pay up more for a property with hardwood flooring. While carpet was once #1, and some older people might still prefer it because of warmth and insulation, hardwood flooring is definitely the king in today’s world.

Even if you’re not even remotely thinking of selling, isn’t it great to know your property is worth more anyway??

Here are three other ways hardwood flooring increases your home’s value:

  1. Hardwood flooring is versatile and timeless. It fits into any design style, be it traditional, modern or casual. (South Jersey is really a “shore community,” and a medium toned hardwood floor can look great in a cottage-like room.) It also lasts for years, up to 100 in some cases, so the lack of replacement will more than make up for the initial price.
  2. Hardwood flooring is good for your health. Seriously, there’s just no place to hide. Everything’s on the surface, so when you sweep or vacuum, the dust mites and other allergy-promoting particles get swept away as well.
  3. Hardwood flooring is just gorgeous. It adds uniqueness, charm and beauty to any environment.

We love to see the final design result! Mainland Flooring has been transforming homes in the South Jersey area for over 25 years. Located in Northfield, the company carries an inventory of hardwood, carpet, laminate, luxury vinyl, cork and waterproof flooring.