While they both look like wood planks or stone and ceramic tile, vinyl, and laminate flooring are composed of different materials. Consider the application and your lifestyle when choosing which one is right for your home. Mainland Flooring offers a wide variety of luxury vinyl flooring in Pleasantville, New Jersey, as well as laminate flooring. We can guide you through your flooring project, from the selection process to installation.


Both types of budget-friendly flooring offer a realistic and stylish look that is created by advanced 3D printing technology. Because of the many colors and patterns that are available, planks and tiles are versatile, and therefore, room design is simple. Floors are easy to clean and maintain, and they do not attract or harbor dust, dirt, or allergens. Both kinds of flooring are made up of a backing system, a design layer, and a wear layer that protects the design layer. 

Luxury vinyl vs laminate

Luxury vinyl and laminate have the same structure, but the former is a man-made material while the latter is a natural material. Luxury vinyl is 100-percent synthetic, and laminate is a wood product, or more specifically, high-density fiberboard. This means that laminate is warmer underfoot. Since it is also thicker, it is more comfortable to walk on. Deeper embossing is possible because of the laminate's thickness. Thus, it is more realistic looking than vinyl.


Brands labeled 'waterproof' are available for both types of flooring. Be aware, though, that the term is defined differently for each one. Water or liquid spills on laminate must be cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time. Typically, warranties list a time frame of up to 30 hours. Luxury vinyl floors, on the other hand, can be covered with water for an extended amount of time without sustaining damage. Since planks and tiles don't swell, floors do not buckle or warp. In short, vinyl is the best choice for water prone areas like bathrooms.

Locally owned Mainland Flooring boasts a team of experienced pros who can install flooring on stairs as well as in rooms. We serve Pleasantville, Linwood, Longport, Ocean City, and Margate, New Jersey. You can use our online form to request a free flooring estimate. Or visit our showroom in Pleasantville to see all our luxury vinyl options. Convenient financing is always available.