If you’re like many homeowners today, staying current is an important aspect of your flooring experience. It creates a feel and continuity in your home that is both welcoming and restful.

The good news is that luxury vinyl floors have a wide variety of appearance options that are easy to match with nearly any décor. Just take a look at some of the trends that seems to stay current.

Significant trends in luxury vinyl

Nothing screams “mass-produced” quite like the same old uniform shapes, sizes, and colors. That’s why mixed-format flooring is a fantastic option for your floors. Instead of doing the same thing you’ve always done, switch it up a bit for a stunning appearance in the color and style of your choice.

For vinyl tile products, the stone look is definitely in. Real stone is a timeless option, but it can often press your budget, leaving little room for anything else. This option allows you to choose the same great look, with unique added extras, and you’ll be thoroughly satisfied with the results.

Luxury vinyl flooring
styles in the plank product line that are trending well right now include the lighter colors that are pale and breezy. They’re an excellent backdrop for a wide variety of décor options, where you can play your interior design up or down.

Wide planks are also trending, as they often do because it creates the broad illusion of more space. In smaller homes, it’s a perfect way to create the look and feel you need, especially when entertaining often.

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