Good news, New Jersey! You can have both style and function with luxury vinyl flooring, and at Mainland Flooring, we have plenty to show you.

Kitchens can be a bit contrary when it comes to selecting flooring. On one hand, you’re craving elegance, and you’re just swooning over those grey wood floors that are so popular right now. But your kitchen is prone to leaky pipes, and your worried that someday you dishwasher or some other appliance could leak. Not to mention, the kitchen opens to the patio, a space that always leaks. Could this affect the kitchen you wonder?

On top of that, you live near the New Jersey shore, and we know it’s not summer right now, but if you’re thinking ahead, know that luxury vinyl won’t be fazed at all about water.

What about toppled water dishes? The happiest day in any dog’s or cat’s life, is the day they succeed in turning the water dish over. (Cats, especially, love to play with water.)

It’s enough to make any head spin, but don’t worry. Luxury vinyl flooring is completely waterproof, New Jersey.

Got Kids? Heavy Foot Traffic?

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to congregate in the kitchen to visit with the cook, so there’s heavy foot traffic, not to mention dropped pots and pans. If you have kids and teenagers, there’ll be a lot of running in the kitchen, especially if they spent a summer day at a New Jersey beach or boardwalk.

Luxury vinyl flooring comes with a clear protective wear layer that’s super tough and protective, so it’s scratch resistant and no one can “walk off” the photographic layer.

Now Let’s Talk About Style

Grey floors, any shade of grey, has been wildly popular. So is the farmhouse look, and this state is speckled with farms. Not to mention those cottage, beachy homes.

Wouldn’t you love grey hardwood on your kitchen floor? While wood may not work because of the water, you can get a remarkable wood look with luxury vinyl plank on your New Jersey kitchen floor.

It’s exactly how it sounds; cut into planks to mimic real wood, and available in an assortment of species and textures. By the way, if you also love tile or stone, but your budget says no, you can also get luxury vinyl that mimics the natural materials.

Feel free to come into the Mainland Flooring showroom in Northfield, NJ, to learn more.