When it was first introduced decades ago, vinyl was highly praised for its durability, easy maintenance, and high water resistance. It was a little lacking in design options, though, and the images were flat. Today, luxury vinyl (LVF) has that high-end look with a dizzying amount of design options, texturing features, and finishes. it is even more durable and this time, waterproof.

Luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive

 It also doesn’t have to mean “high maintenance,” because this is one of the easiest care materials around. With LVF, you can have an incredibly realistic mimic of wood, with all the latest trends and colors, whether your style is contemporary and airy; beach cottage casual, modern loft, or traditional.

Nothing adds so much architectural interest and luxury as stone, whether it's the glamorous look of a 5-star hotel with granite; a marble bath, or an "Italian pizzeria" floor with travertine. Or maybe you just want some exciting pops of color. The point is, you can get it all, at a budget-friendly cost. The images are created with 3-D photography so you'll see every raised grain, knot, and veining; colors are vibrant.

Embossing features give the floor depth and dimension with no more flat images. The floors have textured appearances: wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, or distressed.  Various finishes are available. For even more realism, you can have the vinyl cut into groutable tile-sized pieces or planks. Talk to your flooring retailer to discuss luxury vinyl options.

Functional luxury

LVF is thicker than standard sheet vinyl and waterproof. While the standard sheet version is highly water-resistant, it’s not completely impervious to liquid. A layered product, LVF has a thick clear plastic wear sheet on top that protects the floor from scratches and abrasion. Spills sit at the top so they wipe off easily. All you need to do is sweep often (daily, if possible) and damp mop with water and a manufacturer-approved cleaner.  Installation is uncomplicated, DIY-friendly even, with the pieces just clicking together. With a few exceptions, it can "float" over a majority of existing subfloors.

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