There’s a ton of variety to be found in luxury vinyl flooring, from extensive benefits to some of the most beautiful appearances in the industry. You’ll find they are a great match to any décor style and offer lifespans of up to 35 years with a proper professional installation.

Finding the right product for your own home is an easier task than you think. Just get a clear idea of your requirements and visit our local luxury vinyl flooring store. It’s just that easy!

We want you to know more about luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl
floors seem to “have it all” and it’s no wonder many homeowners keep returning to this line when they need new flooring. It all starts when the product catches your eye with the amazing appearances available in the line. From amazing colors and designs to products that mimic all-natural materials like wood, tile, and stone, you’re sure to find your décor match here.

But we know it takes more than good looks to make a good floor covering. This material also offers extensive durability, so protective it's perfect in every room in your home. You'll see fewer dents, scratches, stains, and fading, while and experience 100% protection against water damage as well.

In areas where leaks, spills, or humidity can take a toll on your floors, luxury vinyl floors are a perfect addition. That means you can floor your basement and know the materials will remain in great shape for years to come. And that provides a peace of mind that doesn’t come with every floor covering. To find out more, visit us today.

We’re here to help match you to the perfect luxury vinyl flooring

As a luxury vinyl flooring retailer, Mainland Flooring has plenty of experience in matching our customers with their perfect floor covering. For those in the areas of Linwood, Margate, Longport or Ocean City, we do just that for our Northfield, NJ showroom location. We urge you to visit when you’re in the area to find out how we can get started on your flooring project today.