There was a time when super-thick waterproof flooring meant a denser and more durable flooring. However, when Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring hit the scene, all of that changed. SPC is amazingly thin, but it’s also the densest and most durable waterproof flooring choice in the luxury vinyl product line.

Wood Plastic Composite flooring (WPC) still has its merits, though. It’s softer, making it far more comfortable in relaxing private areas such as bedrooms, while also providing complete protection from water damage.

Waterproof flooring offers a variety of thicknesses

No matter how thick your waterproof flooring is, it will all provide a durable material for your entire home. If you’re looking for the very best material and the very best quality, however, focus on the thickness of the wear layer rather than the plank itself. For waterproof vinyl flooring, you can choose thicknesses of 3, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, and 8 mm.

The thickness of the wear layer is where the real protection comes in. The higher MIL numbers generally provide the best protection, of course. Let’s look at more details on these numbers.

  • 8 MIL offers great protection for every residential area. Even busy homes see excellent results from this number.

  • 12 MIL gives you more security and more peace of mind because it’s perfect for homes with lots of traffic, children, pets, or visitors.

  • 20 MIL offers commercial-level protection for light business spaces.

  • 22 MIL is a top of the line commercial-grade protection that can stand up to the highest level of traffic and activity.

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