While winter in New Jersey brings joyful holidays and lovely snowy landscapes, it's often a time where homeowners struggle to keep their luxury vinyl flooring clean from outdoor salt and debris. In fact, it can be a stressful time when you're trying to figure out the best way to protect your luxury vinyl plank installation in NJ. At Mainland Flooring, our Northfield, NJ showroom experts regularly answer a lot of questions any day of the year, but around this time, queries mostly revolve around flooring maintenance and protection. As such, we've decided to give you a few handy tips to avoid flooring damage, and make sure your luxury vinyl flooring stays as lovely as the day it was installed.

Use a "Welcome" Doormat

No doubt, you've certainly seen this kind of doormat, perhaps even gracing your neighbor's front door. These are available in a myriad of designs with various messages to choose from, if you're so inclined. Regardless of the motif, a doormat is the first step to protecting your luxury vinyl flooring. Before people enter your home, you can have them wipe their shoes on the rough material to remove outdoor gunk and whatnot, so it doesn't track into the house.

Add Mats to Entry Points

Another great way to minimize the likelihood that outdoor debris and other substances getting into the house, is to install mats at every entry point. While an outdoor doormat is a fantastic idea, it won't be able to catch every last grain of sand or salt. That's where indoor mats come in, providing a good place for folks to leave their shoes before they enter your place.

Regular Sweeping and Cleaning

The truth is, if you want to protect your luxury vinyl flooring in New Jersey, you'll need to adopt a regular sweeping and cleaning regimen, particularly in the winter. However, this all depends upon how busy your household is, and how much traffic it sees on a weekly basis. As you can imagine, the more foot traffic it sees, the more you'll need to clean in general.

Offer Slippers to Visitors

Make sure your visitors understand that there's a no-shoes/no-boots policy in effect at your house, without exception. If you keep a small selection of slippers for your guests, they'll know very well that you're very serious about the house rules, and of course, they'll also think you're ever so considerate!