1. Style. Luxury vinyl flooring, New Jersey, is not to be confused with laminate, as so often happens. It comes in two forms: One is plank ( often called LVP), which mimics hardwood, and the other is tile (LVT).

What is the main difference between luxury and standard? Really, it’s mainly style; LVP closely resembles natural materials, such as wood and stone, and LVT mimics ceramic tile.

If you install luxury vinyl plank in your New Jersey bedroom, you’ll get the elegant look of a hardwood floor, without the sticker shock of real wood.

The options are endless when you design with luxury vinyl flooring, New Jersey. If you’re using planks, you can add textures like scraping or embossing, to make it even more realistic, and lay them out in patterns, such as brick or diagonals. If you’re using the tile form, it comes in so many patterns that you can create your own unique design.
Either plank or tile comes in wide range of colors and sizes.

Here are some other reasons why Mainland Flooring loves plank or tile:
2. Cleanability. No more vacuuming when you install luxury vinyl tile in your New Jersey home! A sweep with a soft brush will do. For deeper cleaning, use a damp mop and a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Not only is wax not needed, it’s really not recommended, since it can dull the finish.
3. Durability. Vinyl flooring is made for busy households. It stands up to most anything, including pull toys and running pets. They don’t really scratch, because of a highly protective clear wear layer, but they also have color all the way through. Therefore, even if they do scratch, probably no one will be able to notice.

The fact that it’s 100 percent waterproof (not water resistant!), makes it available for installation even in high-moisture areas, like the bath or laundry room.’

4. Comfort. This flooring is soft and flexible. When you wake, you’ll put your foot down on something so bouncy; it’ll almost feel like a sponge. Now isn’t that a nice way to start the day?
5. Better sleeping. Not only does it absorb noise, it stays at room temperature. The floors will feel warm and cozy, even in those cold Northeast winters. No more cringing when you step out of the bed, or the shower.
6. Price. The look of wood or tile, but without the high price of wood or tile.

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