Let us guess, your college student is moving back home with you and so you are finishing off room in the basement so that he or she can have a little more space. Are we close? Perhaps you are creating a game room in the basement. Perhaps it will be an exercise area. Maybe you are finally putting in that big-screen television with surround sound and theater seating…wait, will you invite us to come as well?

Whatever the purpose of the room, you want to know if luxury vinyl flooring is a good option for the below-grade rooms in your home.

The answer is simple: “Yes.”

The bottom line is that luxury vinyl is a great option for your basement as well as for other parts of your house. To begin with, it is waterproof. That means that not only is this floor sealed against water from the top, it is also sealed against water damage from the bottom. Water is just not going to harm this floor. It won’t discolor it, it won’t warp it, and it won’t lose its structural integrity from moisture or humidity that may be in your basement.

But what if the water-line breaks or the sewer backs up?

Well, we sure hope that such things will not happen to you, but let’s just say, for the sake of conversation, that something terrible like that takes place. Drain the water, mop the floor, and you are good to go. And, if your spill comes from something less severe than a water-main but is just as concerning — perhaps a can of soda gets spilled when your son has a bunch of his buddies over — again, just wipe it up and you are home-free. Luxury vinyl floors are a carefree option for your basement.

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