Waterproof flooring is a phrase we hear a lot, and many think they don’t need to worry because they don’t live in a tropical storm area or flood zone. 

Be aware, however, that some of the most unlikely sources are big causes for excess water, moisture and house damage

For instance, sump pumps are great for soaking up basement water and protecting our homes. 

What if it stops working?

Suddenly you're dealing with excess water and moisture build-up that can affect the entire house. It causes everything from mold and mildew growth to moisture pockets and peeling/flaking walls to warped hardwood.

Four more reasons you need waterproof floors

Four other reasons you want to waterproof your flooring includes:

  • Frozen pipes. We’ll soon be dealing with heavy snowfalls and below-freezing temperatures. A pipe can burst in any room; in fact, we know one homeowner whose entire living room was damaged, resulting in total replacement of floor and furnishings.

  • Dripping toilets.  A constantly running toilet is a lot more than a nuisance.  It will eventually start dripping, causing damage to walls, floors, and furnishings in the room below it.

  • Stopped up drains.  They might be small, but never underestimate the drain’s power to wreak havoc. 

First, you need to understand a plumbing system is not a straight line.  There are connectors and joints throughout the entire house. That means a clogged drain in one room can affect another area.

It happened to me, and I ended up replacing carpet. “If only my flooring was waterproof,” I grumbled. “I wouldn’t be dealing with this expense.”

  • Improperly working air conditioners. They pull humidity out of the environment and dump the water outside. When they stop working properly, they’ll leak, and you’ll end up with a soggy wall or ceiling. That will eventually trickle down, so you’ll want to waterproof those surfaces.

Is it as visually appealing as it is functional?

Yes, it is luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) with a different core, WPC (wood plastic composite) that makes it thicker and offers the highest level of waterproof and moisture protection. 

You get all the style of LVF, with the realistic images of wood, tile or stone and the same wide assortment of species, colors, and designs, as well as features, such as texturing.

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