In New Jersey, there's one type of surfacing material that's incredibly popular, nowadays, thanks to new technological advances in the industry. How can homeowners benefit from a luxury vinyl plank installation in NJ? Well, the list is quite long, believe it or not, but that's why Mainland Flooring is providing you with this helpful guide.

To begin with, LVF offers an attractive, low-cost solution for nearly every place or space. And, to add to that already appealing feature, it also provides a durable surfacing that mimics other materials. Have you always wanted stone or hardwood, but had a hard time swallowing the hefty price tag? Welcome to the world of luxury vinyl flooring, New Jersey! It gets even better! LVF is also manufactured with modern or abstract designs, and available in multiple dimensions.

But, if you're still not sure if this material is right for your home, check out these awesome tips and stop by our Northfield, NJ showroom!

Consider the Room
Are you renovating your bedroom or updating the kitchen? Will that area see a lot of foot traffic, humidity or food spills? These are all things to consider when trying to gauge which type of luxury vinyl flooring you'll need for your home. As a universal rule, the more foot traffic it'll see, the thicker the wear layer you'll require. Once you assess your space necessities, you'll have an easier time narrowing down the planks and tiles.

Consider the Core
When it comes to solid surfacing materials, it's essential to take the core into account. Opt for a more resistant covering to reduce the likelihood of shrinkage by selecting a virgin PVC core. More importantly, choosing this kind of core ensures that there is no risk of harmful or toxic chemicals. But, don't worry, with this type of core, you'll have a high-quality, strong, reliable structure, thus a product that guarantees a long lifespan.

Consider the Environment
Luxury vinyl flooring in New Jersey has come a long way, so much so, it's virtually unrecognizable when compared to LVF of the past. Now, we can thank higher industry standards, so when picking a supplier, make sure they meet these rigorous requirements. In the showroom, only select products that carry Environmental Product Declarations with Declare labels and achieve 100% REACH compliance.