If you are a homeowner who is expecting a child sometime in the near future, chances are you are going to have to do a little baby-proofing work around the house. There are a lot of obvious things that need to get taken care of, like fastening cupboard doors so baby can't get inside, covering outlets, and making sure there are no sharp edges for the little one to conk his noggin on. However, many people fail to consider their floors throughout all of this.

Choosing the right flooring for kids is about more than safety, there are other practical concerns as well. Kids are rough on floors, and you're going to want a floor that can stand up to the abuse and, most of all, the stains that kids can inflict upon your flooring.

Here are the top 3 flooring materials that have what it takes to go the distance in a home with a wild rug rat on the loose.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

New Jersey homeowners with kids particularly love luxury vinyl flooring, because New Jersey gets a lot of precipitation over the course of a year. Nearly a third of the year consists of days with some sort of precipitation, as much as 51 inches per year, and kids seem to love to bring every bit of it back indoors with them. For most flooring materials, this would cause all sorts of problems, but luxury vinyl tile takes it all in stride.

Another reason it's so popular, is that it looks great but costs less. Money always seems to run a little shorter once you have kids, and luxury vinyl tile is a great way to get expensive looks, without the sticker shock. Not to mention that it cleans up nicely, and is super-easy to maintain!

SmartStrand Carpeting

Coming in at a very tight second is SmartStrand™ carpeting. This is a great choice for homes with kids, because you get the plush safety of a padded, carpeted floor, and the unsurpassed stain-fighting power of SmartStrand technology.

This type of carpeting has stain-fighting built into the very fiber of the carpeting. This means you'll never have to worry about refurbishing your carpet by reapplying chemical stain fighters. In addition, the stain-fighting qualities will last for the whole service life of the carpet.

These carpets are also popular because, though they are extremely soft, they are also durable beyond belief. For all these reasons and more, SmartStrand occupies a top spot on the list. If you are set on a soft surface floor, you'll probably want to treat this as your number one pick!


Cork is a perfect compromise between hard and soft flooring materials. Parents love this material, because it is quite a bit softer when a child takes a tumble, is resistant to water that kids tend to track in, and has the added benefit of insulating against sound.

If you're looking for a material that will reduce noise, reduce injuries from falling, and hold up to the elements, you might consider cork!

Mainland Flooring Has Everything You Need!

If you're thinking about getting some new floors that will hold up to the challenges children pose, we'd love to help! Whether it's a durable luxury vinyl plank installation, or laying down some new SmartStrand carpeting, Mainland Flooring has all of the materials and expertise to make it happen!

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