Uber reviewed their data to see what some of the most sought after locations were in New Jersey in 2017, and three out of 10 were in our own Atlantic County: www.nj.com by Joe Atmonavage.

Speaking of much sought after, we can expect to see a lot of luxury vinyl plank in 2018.

Here’s why, says the Mainland Flooring of Northfield, N.J.
● The look of real wood, the affordability of synthetic: Everyone wants hardwood; in fact, it’s the #1 choice of homeowners, but not everyone can fit it into the budget. Luxury vinyl plank provides the best of both worlds. Incredible high-resolution photography gives it remarkable simulation to the real thing, including all the colors, patterns and textures, such as hand-scraped and distressed wood looks. By the way, parquet will be hot in 2018, so you can take advantage of this trend, even without the real thing.
● Planks (wide ones) will be ultra hot in 2018. Since wide planks will be a 2018 trend, you can be right up there, even with luxury vinyl plank and not hardwood.
● It is completely water resistant. This gives it much more versatility than wood, because that total water resistance makes luxury vinyl plank perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, basements; any anywhere there might be high moisture levels. Since water can warp wood, there are just some places water can’t go.
● Subfloors are no problem! It can be used on cement, granite, tile, laminate, etc., so, unlike wood, the subfloor doesn’t need extra preparation before the main floor is installed.
● Durability. If taken care of properly, this material can last over ten years, but remember that you get what you pay for. If you want a long-lasting material, don’t go for those ultra cheap materials; they can be flimsy and lack style. That said, it has a clear wear layer and fiberglass backing which makes it pliable and scratch-resistant. Since spills stay on top of the wear layer, it makes it easy to clean.
● Comfort. It’s softer to walk and stand on than some other materials.

Mainland Flooring also carries hardwood, carpet, laminate and cork. Headquartered in Northfield, NJ, the company also services Linwood, Margate, Northfield, Longport, Ocean City, and surrounding areas.