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Installation services from Mainland Flooring - Northfield, Longport & Linwood

Mainland Flooring sells and installs all types of floor coverings – laminate, hardwood, bamboo, luxury vinyl flooring, and stair refacing systems. No matter what flooring you choose, our team has plenty of experience so you know you are in good hands. Before installation can take place you first need to figure out which floor covering best suits your needs.


Laminate flooring is a great option for your bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. It mimics the look of hardwood but isn’t as expensive (which is great if you are on a strict budget). Laminate needs to be installed on a level surface – if it isn’t it could lead to issues for you down the road. Laminate is not recommended for bathrooms, entranceways or kitchens, where there is a very good chance they will encounter water.


Installing hardwood in your home will add an elegance like no other. This classic floor covering will transform whichever room it is installed in. If properly installed, hardwood floors can last a very long time. In time, your hardwood floors may need to be refinished (which is another service we provide), which will add more years to your hardwood floors.
Flooring installation services offered in Linwood, NJ area from Mainland Flooring


Technically bamboo is a type of grass, so harvesting bamboo can be done more often than harvesting trees. Bamboo can be installed with three different techniques: nailed down, glued down or floating. Bamboo is a durable and eco-friendly option, so ask a representative at Mainland Flooring if it is right for you.

Stair refacing systems

Not every flooring store deals with stairs. Mainland Flooring can install new flooring in your entire home and give your stairs a facelift too. Come to the store that does it all and does it for you: Mainland Flooring.