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Terms & conditions of sale

  1. ALL ORDERS must be paid for in full at time of order
  2. Special orders and closeouts can not be returned, all sales final
  3. All products are subject to variations in shade, size and characteristics of species
  4. Customer agrees to pay a 50.00 charge on all returned checks
  5. Customer must inspect all materials prior to installation. Once material is installed no claim will be honored
  6. Returns of any unopened materials will be accepted within 7 days of sales receipt. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  7. All jobs we measure allow for a few boxes to be left over for any repairs or damage that might occur. This is done in the event of a product being discontinued
  8. Customer must inspect all packaging for damage prior to accepting material. No claim will be made once material has been accepted by customer or agent of customer.
  9. Prices quoted are only good for 7 days and are subject to change due to Manufacturers increases

Installation and sanding requirements

  1. The building should be completely closed in with outside windows and doors in place
  2. All wet trades (drywall, paint, ceramic) should have completed their work
  3. HVAC should be running for a minimum of 1 week prior to material delivery
  4. Temperature should be between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 30 and 50 percent humidity
  5. A humidifier is recommended in colder months when the heat is on causing the wood to contract
  6. A dehumidifier is recommended in the warmer months when the ac is on which may cause the wood to expand
  7. If not part of the HVAC systems, portable units are recommended
  8. Mainland Flooring cannot be held accountable for interior conditions or movement in the floor
  9. Installation is only guaranteed on 3/4' subfloor. OSB is not an acceptable subfloor because it lacks the holding power of fasteners or regular plywood. The installation of 1/2" plywood may be required to guarantee installation
  10. Furniture, appliances and existing floor coverings must be removed unless stated in contract. If not, there will be a charge of 75.00 per man, per hour
  11. Removal and replacement of furniture by Mainland Flooring is at the risk of the homeowner. We can not be held responsible for any damage that may occur
  12. If the homeowner is handling floor preparation all floor coverings, padding, staples, tack strips, luan, etc must be removed and must be broom swept and free of debris
  13. Any additional work or unforeseen repair work will be additional and charged a rate of 75.00 per man, per hour
  15. Sanding the floors require an adequate amount of power. If there is not enough power the homeowner will be responsible for obtaining a licensed electrician
  16. Some moldings may be knicked during the sanding process, would be best to remove and/or replace or some touch up may be required
  17. Please limit all traffic including pets
  18. If floors are finished with waterbased poly 1 week is required for area rug replacement, 2 weeks for oil-based poly
  19. Please wait 48 hours before replacing furniture.